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Home as safe haven; rearranging Dad's place.

Home as safe haven; rearranging Dad's place.

Recently, my sister and I flew out east to help our father. He's 86 years old and lives by himself in a home not arranged to support his needs. He won't consider moving to a more accommodating space, so we did our best in the three days to transform his home into a safer haven. It was physically and emotionally demanding work. But as they say in my hometown, we got 'er done. 

Mainly, we moved his bedroom, which was on the second floor, into the living room on the main floor. We also edited other rooms of unnecessary furniture to allow him to move about with his walker more freely.

We cleaned and de-cluttered, and moved things no longer useful to him into the basement. We felt a little weary as we looked around at the stuff in his basement, knowing it would someday have to be dealt with. 

We did this with his permission, of course, but it wasn't always easy.

The experience was occasionally amusing but mostly bemusing. My sister and I joked we were like two Nanny McPhees; before we left for the airport, we looked around, admired and acknowledged the results of our hard work.

Now I'm back at home still thinking about the experience and feeling for my aging father. To sweeten the mood, here's a wonderful recipe for Rum Cardamom Fig Chocolate Truffles. Dad would approve. He loves figs, and chocolate.

They're a delightful treat, easy to make (food processor required) and full of nutritious goodness.

I played with the recipe and you should too. 

Instead of maple syrup I sweetened with coconut nectar.

Instead of soaking my figs in hot water, I soaked them in rum overnight.

I rolled mine in coconut but you could roll them in other things too: cocoa, crushed nuts, rock salt.

Clean the air in your home and make it smell good

Clean the air in your home and make it smell good

An afternoon spent making merry

An afternoon spent making merry