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Bathroom revamp

Bathroom revamp

My next blog post was going to be about a beautifully designed chair I've been admiring. But Simon suggested I write about how we're fixing up the upstairs bathroom. "People love before and afters," he said.

So here's a sneak peak as we revamp one of the smallest albeit most important rooms in our more than 125 year-old home.

Perhaps you think the bathroom looks fine as is. True. But a closer inspection would reveal tired, chipped and peeling fixtures. Even though we invested money and endured toxic fumes to have them resurfaced and painted, they became chipped again. The sink is an eye sore, the bathtub is dangerous to our bottoms (ouch!), and the toilet wobbles.

Since it's one of the most highly used rooms in our home it deserves to be a priority, don't you think?

So a few weeks ago, after carefully measuring the space, Simon set off to a local hardware store and picked out a new bathtub and faucet, sink and toilet. When he saw something he liked, he sent photos with a text message for approval. And that was that.

Now to find the right attitude while we deal with the disruptions. For example, when we have to pee in the middle of the night we have to travel down two sets of stairs and back up again. By the time I get back into bed I'm wide awake! No more herbal tea before bedtime, I guess.

But it's a first world problem and I'll avoid complaining. Given all the homeless and refugees of this world, I'm grateful for our cozy home and that we have the means with which to renovate it.

I can't wait until it all comes together. Stay tuned!


Above: We love the brick chimney. The plan is to remove and use the wainscoting that's covering it up to repair any damage that needs to occur to the wainscoting in the rest of the bathroom. We talked about removing all of it and tiling instead, but it's in such good condition and suits the character of our home.

Above: We need to replace the old pine floor as it needs to be torn up to deal with the plumbing. We're going with this tile. The colour was inspired by a colour pulled from the bricks in the chimney.

Above: See what I mean? Eye sore.

Above: This cabinet, which must be as old as the house, needs a little love and care but it stays. Out with the old and in with the new, but not all the time.

Above: Renovation is underway. I have some painting to do!

Above: Three hundred pounds of cast iron sitting in a snowbank waiting to be picked up. We offered it for free on kijiji and had loads of interest.

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